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LUC V4 Charger

Ready For The Fastest Charger On The Market?

You Are About To Discover It!

Capable of charging 2 batteries at a time with a consistent 2 amp charger or 4 batteries at a consistent 1 amp charge!

Tired of slow unreliable chargers? They are everywhere. Bad chargers are taking over the market with empty promises of being fast and reliable. I have personally bought a dozen different chargers before I fell in love with this one.

Well this charger is not one of them! The LUC V4 charger truly charges at a 2 amp rate which is basically like saying “chargers an 18650 battery in under 1 hour”!

Batteries have been around for a long time so it is no surprise that once electronic cigarettes hit the market people swarmed to get involved. Every charger company on the planet is putting their hands in the vapor game and most of them are sub par. No need to stress we have done our homework and can comfortably say the LUC V4 is as good as it gets!

This charger will literally charge 2 18650 high amp batteries in under an hour and will charge 4 in under 2 hours!

Super easy and simple to use. Just plug the charger into a wall port or in your cars 12V (yes it comes with 12v cable!). Then insert the battery matching the positive to positive and negative to negative. That is it! Super simple! Your batteries will then charge to full.

One of the best parts is this charger is intelligent and knows exactly how charged your battery is when you put it on the charger! At any point during the charging process the LUC V4 will tell you exactly how charged the battery is!

Results are fast! This charger will not waste any time. Super fast and super powerful to keep up with your busy life! Imagine how much stress will leave your life when your 18650 batteries are one less thing to worry about!

This amazing charger has come from a high demand for fast charging batteries. Electronic cigarettes can drain through batteries like none other. Some Vapers actually go through 6-8 18650 batteries a day! The demand for speed is there and the LUC V4 compensates!

Benefits To LUC V4 Charger:

  • 12V charging cable
  • Wall port charging cable
  • Charge 4 batteries at once at 1A
  • Charge 2 batteries simultaneously at 2A
  • Reliable
  • Charges 26650, 22650, 18650, 17570, 18490, 17500, 17335, 16500, 16350, 16340, 14500, 10440 Batteries
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Auto cut off when batteries are full

One customer says “I will never use another charger again, these are incredible”.

Another customer claimed “My daughter spilled my Corona on this charger and it still works perfect a year later”.

Right now the LUC V4 is available in our shop! They go fast! Take action now if you want a great 2 amp charger!


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E-cigarette use tripled among teens

I constantly see articles saying that electronic cigarette companies are targeting the children because of the rise of use in high schools. What about the historical decline of cigarettes in high schools? The world isn’t perfect. The younger generation will always use nicotine just as they have before. I have a lot of respect for Gregory Conley and what he does for the vapor community.

Are electronic cigarette companies targeting the children or do the children become the focus when the media runs out of bad things to say? I don’t believe at all the vapor community is targeting the children. I believe most of them were already smoking.

Here are some statistics on the debate. Enjoy!

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Electronic Cigarettes – Picking the Right One For You

Whats the difference?

Understanding the differences between all the vaporizers is a milestone for picking the right one. Electronic cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes and one that is perfect for some may not be for you. Vaporizers can be broken down into three categories which are basic e-cigs, sub-ohm tank vaporizers, and drippers (RDAs).

Basic E-cigs (Electronic Cigarette)

Basic e-cigs are great for very casual vapers that want to keep cost low and have no interest in producing lots of vapor.

A basic electronic cigarette is typically two parts, the tank and the battery. A tank houses the e-liquid with a coil or atomizer inside to turn the e-liquid into vapor. Basic electronic cigarettes usually have coils between 1.0 and 2.5 ohms, also known as resistance. The resistance plays a huge role in how much vapor is produced. The lower the resistance the more vapor will be produced. The battery powers the coil in order to vaporize the e-liquid. Complete basic e-cigs usually cost anywhere from $20 and up.


Atlantis 2 Box
Atlantis 2 Sub-Ohm Tank

Sub-ohm tanks or subtanks are perfect for people that want to produce a lot of vapor and still have the convenience of a tank.

Subtanks are very similar to a basic electronic cigarette because they still consist of a tank and a battery. However, they are more commonly referred to as vaporizers. Subtanks have much lower resistance and airflow which gives them a lot more potential to produce clouds of vapor. A subtank coil usually ranges between 0.15 – 0.8 resistance. These coils get hot and chuck some clouds! Click here for examples of subtanks. When running a subtank you want a battery that can support low resistance like a mechanical mod, regulated box mod, or unregulated box mod. A good complete sub tank set up will typically cost $90 and up.

Picking the right battery

Not all electronic cigarette batteries are created equal. They all have different ohm limits so it is important to understand the difference and keep an eye on the ohm limit of a battery.

If you buy a basic tank with a coil between 1.0 and 2.5 you have nothing to worry about. Every battery on the market will support these. However if you go with a subtank or a dripper you need a battery that will perform on really low resistances like a mechanical mod or box mod.

Mechanical Mods and Box Mods

There are lots of good battery options. Typically broken down into two categories, Mechanical Mods and Box Mods.

Mechanical Mods
Mechanical Mods

Mechanical Mods will run any resistance because it’s just a battery housing tube that creates a circuit. These are a great choice for subtanks that run between 0.15 – 0.3 ohms and also a great choice for drippers or RDAs. Mechanical Mods will cost anywhere from $20 and up.

Box Mods can be unregulated parallel or regulated

An unregulated parallel box mod is basically a mechanical mod that houses two or more batteries. These can run anything as well because there are no limitations, it’s just a circuit.

IPV4 Regulated Box Mod
IPV4 Regulated Box Mod

A regulated box mod has more going on. It is not just a circuit. Typically regulated boxes like the IPV4 have variable wattage and variable voltage giving you control on how much vapor you want it to produce. Regulated boxes can range anywhere from 30 watts and up into the 100s. The more power the more potential vapor. However always be mindful of the ohm limits. Some regulated boxes like the sigeleis or ipvs can perform as low as 0.08ohms and then others like the istick 30w can only go down to 0.5ohms. Box Mods will cost anywhere from $40 and up.

Click here for examples of mechanical mods and box mods.

Drippers (RDAs)

Mutation X V4 RDA
Mutation X V4 RDA

RDAs are when we get into the hobby side of vaping. They have the absolute most potential for vapor production but also the highest maintance.

RDAs are perfect for those trying to produce the most possible vapor with every press of a button. These are very do it yourself style because it comes down to building your own coils instead of buying a manufactured one. RDAs are higher maintenance because building takes time and instead of having a tank reservoir to fill up every so often you have to drip juice directly on the coil every 5-10 hits.

RDAs are typically built by using Kanthal wire anywhere from 20 gauge to 32 gauge and organic cotton. This gives the user lots of control and allows them to taylor the vaporizer based on how much vapor they want to produce.

When making a dripper set up you want to combine it with a mechanical mod or a box mod because these products have very low ohm limits. This gives you the potential to build anything you want and produce as much vapor as desired. RDAs will cost anywhere from $8 and up.

These are what you’ll see everyone using when competing at a cloud competition.

Click here for examples of Drippers (RDAs)

I hope you have enjoyed this brief description on the different types of vaporizers!

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