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Best E-juice of 2016

Best E-juice of 2016

[ezcol_2third]Before we get into this we would like to thank all of our loyal customers for such an amazing 2016.  And we look forward to having an amazing 2017. We cant wait for all the amazing things coming to everyone in 2017.  Now as we dive into the best E-juice of 2016 lets run down the top 5  from T&S Vapors[/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end]

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Best Flavors of 2016


Best E-juice of 2016

  1. Cruisers Drink:

    This flavor is sure to give all you drink flavor lovers a huge sigh of relief, you have finally found the best flavor out there. With its mix of a Ocean water from sonic, strawberry, watermelon, and melon. It hits every single taste-buds with a Delicious hit of the ocean with coconut coming in strong than the strawberry hits and it sends you to a state of bliss with the melon. If your looking for a great drink flavor than stop on by our website and grab you a bottle or two of this because it will go quick.

  1. Sugar cookie #4:

    One of the best Creamy flavors out there with its dark, rich flavor making it number 2 on our list of best flavors. It makes you want to run out to your closest store and buy a box of sugar cookies. As soon as this flavor hits your coil and you get that first whiff of deliciousness you know this is a flavor your going to keep vaping for a while.

  1. Electric Showtime:

    An explosion on your senses, is a huge concoction of fruity flavors that replicate the bomb pop. The mix of berries grabs your attention and takes rockets you to a whole new world of flavor. This flavor is really good for those days that you just wanna sit outside on a hot day and relax with a nice glass of tea.

  2. Scorpions lair:

    When you come across that one flavor that you never want to stop vaping, you just cant stop hitting it. This is one of those flavors. When I vape this flavor its months before I can finally put it down. Its a tropical fruit flavor with an amazing after taste of guava and mango. It amazing and I bet you wont be able to put it down.

  1. Walter white:

    Last but definitely not least is Walter White. After nights in an RV in the middle of nowhere, our mad scientists came up with this amazing menthol flavor. The hibiscus after taste with a few berries really compliments the menthol. It is a stronger menthol with a fruity after taste.



If this is the first time your hearing and reading about T&S Vapors and our e-juice we do a max VG (Vegetable Glycerin) mix, ever our nicotine is cut with VG. This insures that you get the best cloud and flavor.