Coils (Atomizers)

What is a coil?

Here is a quick breakdown of what a coil is and the importance!

Have you ever had a nasty burnt taste in your vaporizers tank before? Maybe your electronic cigarette (e-cig) is not working at all and you cannot figure out why? Have you heard the term coil or atomizer and wondered what that is exactly?

Coils are the heart of your vaporizer and they are very important. That little part inside the tank is what converts the e-juice into inhalable vapor. Usually a coil will consist of some type of wire (the part that heats up), and some type of cotton to absorb the e-juice.

In most cases when a vaporizer stops working the problem usually is the coil. Electronic cigarette not firing? Take the coil out, wipe everything down, put the coil back in. Sometimes the coil is not on tight enough. A bad coil can cause your vaporizer to leak. Coils are the leading problem in solving whatever issue may be going on with your electronic cigarette. Nine out of ten times changing out the coil is the solution.

Coils have been improving for the last 5 years and they just continue to get better and more powerful. 1000s of people have been researching and experimenting to create the best coils known to man. In fact the improvement of coils is the backbone behind why electronic cigarettes have become so powerful.

Coils are super easy and simple to use. Just twist the old coil out of your electronic cigarette tank and twist a new coil back into your vaporizer. Speed to results are so simple and easy. Once you own the new coil all the work is already done. The beautiful thing about atomizer coils for tanks (not including RDAs) is they are pre built by a machine. Once you have the coil just insert it into the tank, add e-juice to the tank and coil, and go about your day vaping away!

Need a new coil? We have a great selection of coils for all the top name brand sub ohm tanks on the market.

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