DIY E-juice

How to make your own e-juice in 4 easy steps!

In the next 5 minutes I’m going to reveal how simple it is to create your own e-juice (DIY e-juice) at home.
Ever wanted to create your very own e-juice flavors customized to your taste? Do you feel like you could come up with the perfect e-juice blend for yourself if only you could experiment?

Now you can play with different recipes, flavors, and ingredient ratios to create the desired e-juice for you! There is nothing more exciting then creating your own recipes and you will never have to worry about another company messing up the recipe, not creating consistency, or skimping you with flavoring or using a ton of propylene glycol.

We have tried countless companies and spent years of hard work to bring the finest kosher USP grade vegetable glycerin, high quality Nicotine with a Vegetable glycerin base, and great a great list of flavors!
Making your own DIY e-juice has never been easier! Here is a quick breakdown of the process if you want to make your own DIY e-juice at home.

DIY E-Juice Step 1: Purchase Materials

  • Empty Bottles
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Desired Flavoring
  • Syringes
  • Nicotine (Optional)
  • Propylene Glycol (Optional)

DIY E-Juice Step 2: Adding Flavor

Take an empty bottle and a syringe. Add desired level of flavoring into empty bottle with syringe.
Recommended level of flavoring: 20%

• 10ml = 2ml flavoring
• 30ml = 6ml flavoring
• 60ml = 12ml flavoring
• 120ml = 24ml flavoring

DIY E-Juice Step 3: Adding Nicotine (Optional)

If you use Nicotine, use a second syringe and add your desired level of nicotine. Nicotine chart available at the bottom of the page.

DIY E-Juice Step 4: Vegetable Glycerin and/or Propylene Glycol

Fill remainder of bottle with vegetable glycerin unless you would like to add propylene glycol as well.
Max vegetable glycerin creates a smooth hit with maximum amount of vapor production. Some people like to use propylene glycol because it enhances the power of the flavoring. Propylene glycol will also reduce vapor production and give a slight throat burn in the back of the throat. The choice is up to you.

The most common levels are:

• Maximum vegetable glycerin (fill remainder of bottle with VG)
• 70% vegetable glycerin, 30% propylene glycol
• 50% vegetable glycerin, 50% propylene glycol

The first benefit of DIY e-juice is a great way to experiment with recipes and create your own favorite e-juice blend. The second benefit of DIY e-juice is a reduced cost in vaping. Making DIY e-juice is much less expensive than buying e-juice from the vapor store.

Lots of people are making DIY e-juice and cutting the cost of vaping in half! Now it’s your turn to take action and save money on your e-juice!

If you want to experience the exciting endeavor of blending your own delicious e-juice and save money then try DIY e-juice today.

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