Premium Concentrates Blends


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Premium Concentrates

Do you enjoy making your own e-liquid?

Pure flavoring in our in our best selling recipes!

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10ml, 120ml, 30ml, 60ml

Custom Blends

Ape Hanger – Tobacco Banana, Aunt Beru – Blueberry Vanilla Cream, Badda Bing – Strawberry Watermelon Menthol, Banana Hammock – 3 Bananas and Cream, Bee Jay – Fruity Delight, Berricuda – 5 Berry Blend, Berry Fruity Loopz – Berry Cereal Blend, Big Rig – Cinnamon Gum, Black Mamba – Key Lime Black Berries, Blue Balls – Blueberry and Tropical Fruits, Blue Energy – Blueberry Energy Drink, Cinna-Pear – Cinnamon Pear, Circe – Pistachio Pear Cream, Classified – Berry Apple Orange Cream, Cougar – Blueberry Custard, Cougar PJs – Blueberry Graham Cracker Strawberry Cream, Courage – Tangerine Mixture, Cruiser – Strawberry Watermelon, Cruiser's Drink – Coconut Lemon Watermelon, Dark Matter – Sweet Blackberry, Decadence – Fruity Excellence, Delivery – Cherry Pineapple, Dew Me Honey – Honey Dew Mix, Dirty Donut – Strawberry Churro, Dragon Tears – Dragon Fruit Ice Cream, Dragon's Breath – Cinnamon, Menthol, Dragon's Island – Lemon Peach Cream Candy, Eleanor – Sweet Nectarine Custard, Electric Showtime – Fruit Cherry Raspberry, Fairy Dust – Berries, Vanillas, and Ice Cream, Foggy Loops – Mellow Cereal Blend, Fruit Truck – Strawberry, Peach, Fruity Peggles – Cereal Blend, Gold Bar – Lemon Bar, Ice Cream Truck – Dragonfruit, Vanilla, Creams, Jarvis – Papaya Mixture, Knightmare – Citrus Melon, Lemon Haze – Lemon Ice Box Pie, Lynch Blend – Taste like rainbows, Melonilla – Vanilla Melon, Milk & Cookies, Mudbog – Pralines Cream Tobacco, My Hawaii – Mango Pineapple Guava, OEO – Chocolate Cookie, Pearaphernalia – Pear Melon Strawberry, Pineapple Express – Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Pink Star – Watermelon Strawberry Lemon, Pinkman – Citrus Melon Sour, PJ – Peaches & Cream Strawberry Cupcake, Poseidon's Drink – Coconut Watermelon, Rainbow Trout – Swedish Gummy Sherbet Ice Cream, RHBH – Strawberry Banana Cream, Royal Coupe – Creme Brulee, Scoobie Snacks – Tropical Jamaica Drink, Scorpion's Lair – Berries Hawaiian Punch Kiwi, Sexy Times – Menthol Fruit Blend, Slippery Nipple – Irish Cream Butterscotch, Smurfalicious – Berrilicious Mix, Stingray – Powerful Menthol, Stockton – Gourmet Caramel Coffee, Strawberry Milkshake – Strawberry Milkshake, Sugar Cookie #4 – Best Sugar Cookie On The Planet, Sugar TT – Butterscotch Cookie, Super Nova – Grape Mango, Super Sport – Fruit Punch Menthol, The Ups – Strawberry Yogurt, Tiger's Blood – Coconut Berries, Top Down – Cherry Limeade, Unicorn's Milk – Creamy Goodness, Utopia – Strawberry Pineapple, Viper – Coconut Lemon Apple, Walter White – 12 Fruits With Menthol, WasteGate – Raspberry White Chocolate Cookie, Winnebago – Grape Cotton Candy Bubblegum


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