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Why I Love Vapor

To whom this may concern,

The cigarette debate is over. We all know that they will inevitably break down the body and harm innocent by-standers. Now there is a new debate. Vaporizers or also know as cartomizers, clearomizers, drippers, atomizers, electronic smoking cessations, or electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) are the new topic of discussion. Can they be used as a smoking cessation to break away from cigarettes? Will they do more harm then good? What are the benefits?

It is no secret that Electronic Vaporizers are on the rise with estimated sales of $2.3 billion in 2014 according to the Mintel Group Ltd. People continue to turn to the use of electronic smoking cessations as a solution to put out their last cigarette and never look back. According to a poll with four options taken by the Mintel Group Ltd in January 2015 over 75% of smokers are either trying to quit or plan to quit. The results are as follows; 29% say “I am currently trying to quit, 27% say “I plan to quit smoking in the future”, 31% “I have tried quitting smoking in the past but have not been able to stop completely”, and 22% have no interest in quitting. Between 2012-2014 Vaporizers outperformed the sales of smoking cessation gum, patches, and pills combined. At the same time there are over 50 million ex-smokers in the United States alone according to the American Lung Association and that number accelerates linear with the rise of vaping. This is a clear indication that personal electronic nicotine inhaling systems are helping people all around the globe quit smoking. At this point it is undeniable that people are trading cigarettes for vaporizers but the question still remains, is it a safer alternative?

The complete picture is still a blur considering the fact that the use of vaporizers is still new technology making it impossible to present long term data. We know now that out of the 7000 plus chemicals found in a cigarette over 250 of them are considered harmful to humans. What about the 3 main ingredients inhaled from vaporizers? E-Liquid consists mainly of 3 compounds which are vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine. Vegetable glycerin is consumed by the general population every single day through a variety of foods and hygienic goods with no known side effects. Nicotine which found in both cigarettes and vaporizers (optional in vaporizers) has been proven to be bad for the heart but poses no known risk to anyone not indulging. Propylene glycol fills the lungs of millions of people all over the world with no proof of risks. Propylene glycol has been inhaled through fog machines and ingested through toothpaste for decades without a single known health risk. It is pumped into the air of most hospitals and inhaled by all the unsuspecting visitors without a whisper of dis approval.

As an employer the benefits can be financial as well as efficient, thus making it an advantage to support vapers. Employees will take fewer breaks because they do not need constant time intervals in a shift for each and every cigarette (average smoker consumes 15 a day). Co workers will not suffer from second hand smoke when smokers switch to vapers. Smoking cost the nation $170 billion dollars last year in direct medical bills and $156 billion dollars in lost productivity due to the act of smoking according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) which means as an employer the cost of medical insurance lowers.

I am not one to consider myself to be a wise man however I do know this. I have personally helped hundreds of people quit smoking with vaporizers and I have never in my life had a single person tell me they feel worse after making the switch. Not only do millions of success stories exist of people exclaiming they feel a benefit from vapor products, they are also minimizing the damage to innocent bystanders. The main culprit in second hand smoke comes from the actual “smoke”. It is no different then if you spent 20 5 minute periods a day putting your face over a campfire. This is not a risk with vaporizers because it is not smoke, but vapor.

I sincerely encourage the debate on vaping. For the first time in human history the 75% of people who smoke and don’t want to have a chance at change. I have been personally using vaporizers for 4 years and helped 100s of people make the switch for the last 2 years. I have heard over 1000 success stories and never once have I had someone tell me that they feel like the switch did not benefit in some way. The movement is real, the impact is real, and we all are the change the world wants to see.


Izaak Hurst